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We are guided by 3 overarching principles:
healing, empowerment and accessibility.


For us, yoga has been a source of immense comfort, healing, growth, empowerment and happiness. The practice and the teachings of yoga have nourished our bodies, calmed our minds, taught us to love ourselves and how to take care of ourselves. The practice of yoga allows us to interact with ourselves, and then naturally, the world, in a kind and loving way. When we met in India in October 2017, we shared our mutual dream of making yoga accessible for all, so that others could have access to the same opportunity for healing and growth that they have had the privilege of accessing.

The idea to create Warrior Yoga is born out of the understanding that all people can heal from yoga, but not all people have the means to effectively access the teachings of yoga.

We believe that all people should have access to this practice.
We believe that yoga teachers should be paid for their work.
We believe that once we have healed and benefited from yoga, it is our responsibility to extend that healing to another.

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There are multiple ways that we support Warrior Yoga Students. Depending on the situation and needs of our students, we are able to facilitate their yoga practice in ways that best serve them.

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Group classes foster a sense of community among our students, allowing them to connect along their healing journey.

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Private classes allow the opportunity for teachers to tailor classes to the individual students needs, allowing them to optimize the benefits of their practice.



Scholarships provide opportunities for Warrior Yoga Students to become teachers, allowing them to share the healing benefits of yoga with their own community.


There are multiple ways to get involved in the Warrior Yoga Network. Let’s collaborate!

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As a Warrior Yoga Teacher, you facilitate a healing and empowering practice for those in need of healing. Warrior Yoga teachers can teach both private and group classes, independently or within the scope of another organization or institution. Teachers can offer a wide range of practices including asana, meditation and pranayama tailored to the needs of each student. Teachers are currently hired on a volunteer basis.

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We are interested in making connections with the wider yoga community. We are developing Warrior Yoga communities in various cities across the world through events and meetups.

If you have an existing platform or resources that could help us to grow this community and make yoga more accessible to people in need of healing, connect with us.

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We are always looking to partner with local organizations who are already doing the important work of supporting people in their community. Yoga can powerfully complement more mainstream approaches to healing by holding space for empathy, emotional release and acceptance.

If you think yoga could complement your existing initiative, connect with us.


Warrior Yoga has been making a community impact since March 2018. To date we have taught refugees, sexual abuse survivors, survivors of human trafficking, people dealing with chronic pain and other physical limitations, people with brain injuries, and more. The powerful act of linking breath and movement has facilitated the healing journey of our students. These are some of the things that students have said about their experience with Warrior Yoga.



“I am not taking good care of myself,  and never really knew how to, or the value of me,  compared to helping others which I have done all my life. I am trying to learn, adapt, and find other resources in my healing journey. One resource being yoga, and yoga therapy, to calm my mind, perceive my life,  and the outside world differently, that has been affected so dramatically by my PTSD, with my very early childhood trauma, and yoga to strengthen my physical body, and increase my confidence - physically and mentally. Through yoga, to also improve my use and control of breath, and to apply movement, breath and mindfulness all simultaneously. Also, through yoga, yoga therapy, to stimulate, and amplify my own healing energy, and capacity to do so. And with the additional resource of yoga and a good, well-trained, and empathetic yoga instructor, like yourself Cassie, learn from and apply to my ultimate goal, of more inner peace, with less turmoil. I can already feel differences within my mind and physical self, because of you, and yoga. Thank you, and thank you, for giving me added hope, reassurance, and empathy, amongst the chaos.”



“A few years ago I got hit by a car while walking home from Spanish class. Since then I’ve been living with an acquired brain injury. One of the things that helps me accept the new me and the current situation I’m in, is yoga. Sometimes I just need to get out of my head and in to my body, to kind of forget the pain and the grief that I’m in. Other times instead, yoga helps me to step out of my body and in to my head, to deal with (and connect to) my feelings. When someone is in pain, physically or mentally, it’s sometimes hard to find the strength to do what you in fact know you need, like yoga. This is where Ida and Warrior yoga have helped me a lot. First of all, Ida helped me realize that what happened to me and what I’m going through is a trauma and that I need healing. She helped me get back to my breathing and learned me the importance of that. She is pushing me in the right way, to get me on to the mat however I’m feeling. It’s okay to just sit there and breathe. Because yoga isn’t about sweating, building muscles and burning calories. It’s about finding yourself and your inner peace, and that’s something Ida and Warrior yoga really has helped me with.”



“Our Warrior Yoga teacher taught a group of refugee high school students during the 2018 school year.  She shared with us the importance of self-care, wellness, and breathing. While students were apprehensive to participate at first, they began to express how following yoga classes they felt more calm, more focused, and more confident.  As a class, we became inspired to start implementing stretches and breathing exercises before assignments, tests, and exams. Her guidance and support taught us all to approach new challenges with grace and an open mind. Without Warrior Yoga, this experience would not have been accessible to these students. Cassie’s teaching is authentic and passionate, and she has a keen ability to adjust the practice in a way that creates a space for all students, regardless of their ability, background, or experience. Her commitment and dedication to making yoga and healing accessible to all are truly inspiring.”