There are multiple ways to get involved in the Warrior Yoga Network.
Let’s collaborate!



We have recognized that attending yoga classes, events and retreats is impossible for a large portion of the population.
In order to eliminate the financial barriers that prevents people from participating in yoga events Warrior Yoga has created a scholarship fund.
By raising money we are able to send people from
marginalized communities in need of healing on our retreat, workshops and our classes for free.
Warriors, please apply for our scholarship
or our six-week private program.


We are always looking to partner with organizations and corporations who are already doing the important work of supporting people in their community. Yoga can powerfully complement more mainstream approaches to healing by holding space for empathy, emotional release and acceptance.

If you think yoga could complement your existing initiative, connect with us.



As an organization, Warrior Yoga is run by volunteers passionate about our cause and mission.
Our volunteers are knowledge philanthropists and experts in a range of fields such as teaching yoga, marketing, design, finance, law, photography and public health.
Our yoga teachers are also working on a volunteer basis and are all certified, registered yoga teachers with professional yoga insurance.
If inclusion and equal access to the therapeutic tools yoga and meditation provide is your cup of tea, get involved!

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We are interested in making connections with organizations and corporations who share our core values.
We are developing Warrior Yoga communities in various cities across the world through events and meetups, and are always happy to collaborate!
If you have an existing platform or resources that could help us to grow this community and make yoga more accessible to people in need of healing, connect with us.