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By supporting us, you are supporting the idea that yoga is for everyone.

Warrior Yoga is currently raising money to send people on our self love & healing yoga retreat who could not have accessed this opportunity financially. We are accepting applications and selecting Warriors - members of marginalized communities, people who contribute tirelessly to their communities, and people who are healing from mental/physical illnesses, trauma and other experiences outside of their control. People that keep pushing through their pain, that stand up for what they believe in and contribute light into their communities. The scholarship is an investment in their wellbeing and self development. 

Yoga retreats are an opportunity to get vulnerable, build bridges across communities and nourish our souls and bodies.
By reaching our target, we would be able to select for 5 students to come along with us who would not have had this opportunity otherwise. Our goal is to publish the beneficiaries by the end of June so that they have time to plan, book off work, etc!

Funds raised will further more help us to buy a trauma training for our teachers working with vulnerable populations so that we can serve them better. Anything you are able to contribute would take us one step closer to making the healing benefits of yoga and meditation available for all. If you're unable to contribute financially at this time, please share. 

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