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Private 6 week programs


yoga for every body

6 week programs are one on one programs designed by a Warrior Yoga teacher for people who aren’t comfortable practicing in a group or studio setting due to traumatic triggers or any other reason.

Your teacher will initially speak with you to learn more about what you’re looking to learn from yoga and/or meditation. You will then meet with your teacher once per week for 6 weeks. Your teacher may give you mini “homework” exercises so you can begin incorporating yoga into your daily life.

Our aim is to give you a base from which you can develop your own home practice or help you feel comfortable enough to practice in a group setting.

Please be aware it may take some time for us to find the right teacher for you. We will do our best to match you as soon as possible and keep you in communication along the way. Don’t hesitate to follow up at any point.

Ottawa, Canada

Currently accepting new applicants.

Toronto, Canada

Currently accepting new applicants

Brighton, England

Program is in session, applications are on hold but please feel free to apply and we will keep you on a waiting list.

Stockholm, Sweden

Currently accepting new applicants.

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