There are multiple ways to get involved in the Warrior Yoga Network. Let’s collaborate!

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As a Warrior Yoga Teacher, you facilitate a healing and empowering practice for those in need of healing. Warrior Yoga teachers can teach both private and group classes, independently or within the scope of another organization or institution. Teachers can offer a wide range of practices including asana, meditation and pranayama tailored to the needs of each student. Teachers are currently hired on a volunteer basis.

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We are interested in making connections with the wider yoga community. We are developing Warrior Yoga communities in various cities across the world through events and meetups.

If you have an existing platform or resources that could help us to grow this community and make yoga more accessible to people in need of healing, connect with us.

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We are always looking to partner with local organizations who are already doing the important work of supporting people in their community. Yoga can powerfully complement more mainstream approaches to healing by holding space for empathy, emotional release and acceptance.

If you think yoga could complement your existing initiative, connect with us.