Warrior Yoga makes a significant impact on people’s lives around the world.



We work within the scope of community organizations since some people are not yet able to attend a studio due to triggers and other emotional barriers. Group classes allow for a deeper sense of community and connection among people often excluded from the yoga community and in need of healing. We guide our students to share space and connect with one another, creating a safe and secure community space to discover the ways that yoga can complement their healing journey.

Group classes are offered at no cost to the student in order to erode financial barriers to the practice.


Workshops & events

With the objective of spreading awareness about the mental and physical health benefits that yoga holds we are hosting a variety of events and workshops in our cities of operation. Focusing on educating our students about yoga philosophy and topics relating to healing, our students get to learn things most yoga teachers do not have time to teach in a standard yoga class where attention is often focused on the physical movement.

As we work towards a more accessible yoga community, we seek to keep events financially accessible while covering the cost. Warrior Yoga always holds 5 scholarship spots for any students who could not financially access the event.


Community classes

By partnering with a variety of existing yoga studios, we host weekly donation-based or half-priced yoga classes. The classes invite everyone into the yoga community by breaking down the financial barriers that prevent many people from accessing classes. A Warrior Yoga teacher offers a one hour class including breath-work, stretching and strengthening, and uses the opportunity to spread awareness about the organization and our cause. These classes create a deeper sense of community where our teachers, students and volunteers can come together and connect.
Additionally, the community classes allow us to spread awareness of our mission.
Students donate money to Warrior Yoga by participating, meaning they are working on own their mental and physical health while simultaneously inviting someone else, less privileged into the community and practice.

We are currently hosting community classes in Ottawa, Canada, Formby, UK and
Stockholm, Sweden.


Private 6-week programs

We recognize that some people are not able to attend group classes or visit a yoga studio due to various social, mental or emotional barriers. In order to remove these barriers to the practice, we offer a 6-week private yoga and mediation programme.
Through this programme our teachers share experiences and knowledge of yoga, pranayama and meditation with their students for one hour every week for six weeks.

Teachers tailor the programme to the student’s needs and abilities to create a safe and calm environment to share, learn and grow. To enable a self-practice after the program ends, the teachers share useful tools and exercises for the students to continue practicing at home.
The program is available through both online services and in person depending on availability.