You can make a difference. 



We have created exciting opportunities for consumers in the mainstream yoga industry to participate in sharing privilege and making yoga more accessible for all. Warrior Yoga has created simple ways to deepen your own yoga practice at the same time as you invite someone else, less privileged into the community.
By attending donation-based classes, workshops and retreats, our students engage in the wellness practices that they already know and love, while contributing to that experience for someone else who does not have the same opportunities.


If you can’t attend our classes, events or retreats for any reason, don’t worry!
There are still ways to contribute.
Your donation allows us to continue our work towards a more inclusive and accessible yoga community.
We are currently raising money to send people from marginalized communities in need of healing to our retreat for free. We are simultaneously working on providing our teachers with a trauma informed teacher training to be of better service to their students.


Spread the Word

If you can’t contribute financially, Warrior Yoga would be more than happy if you can spread the word about our organization and our projects. Tell your friends and family and get involved!
 We are happy to take on new volunteers, partners and students so join now and make an impact!