Our story

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We are the co-founders of Warrior yoga

We are Cassie Connor and Ida Farneman.
We met in India in the fall of 2017 on our yoga teacher training.
It deeply saddened both of us that a practice that has had such a healing and transformational impact on our own lives was unavailable to so many. It pained us that we had only had the opportunity to practice (and teach) yoga because we come from privileged backgrounds. We started Warrior Yoga in our first year of teaching yoga to fight the exclusion we were noticing. We know that the mainstream yoga community in the West is geared towards white, upper-middle class females.
Knowing the potential that the yoga practice has for healing, it is an injustice to restrict access to such a small segment of the population.
We have learned that the 2 main barriers to practice for people outside that stereotype are financial barriers and lack of representation.
We aim to represent people of a variety of genders, colours, sexualities and abilities through empowering graphics to create a space in which all people feel that they belong and feel free to explore our offerings.

We went public with Warrior Yoga in September 2018, and have since built a growing international organization.

Meet the team


Cassie Connor
Co-founder & Yoga Teacher


Ida Farneman
Co-founder & Yoga Teacher


Corinne Blouin
Illustrator & Yoga Teacher


Chongo Bwalya
Volunteer Coordinator


Kate Goheen
Volunteer Coordinator


Laura D’Alessandro
Photographer & Yoga Teacher