Warrior Yoga has been making a community impact since March 2018.

The powerful, therapeutic act of linking breath and movement has facilitated the healing journey of our students.

testimonials about people’s experience with Warrior Yoga:



-Paula, Student

“I am not taking good care of myself,  and never really knew how to, or the value of me,  compared to helping others which I have done all my life. I am trying to learn, adapt, and find other resources in my healing journey. One resource being yoga, and yoga therapy, to calm my mind, perceive my life,  and the outside world differently, that has been affected so dramatically by my PTSD, with my very early childhood trauma, and yoga to strengthen my physical body, and increase my confidence - physically and mentally. Through yoga, to also improve my use and control of breath, and to apply movement, breath and mindfulness all simultaneously. Also, through yoga, yoga therapy, to stimulate, and amplify my own healing energy, and capacity to do so. And with the additional resource of yoga and a good, well-trained, and empathetic yoga instructor, like yourself Cassie, learn from and apply to my ultimate goal, of more inner peace, with less turmoil. I can already feel differences within my mind and physical self, because of you, and yoga.
Thank you, and thank you, for giving me added hope, reassurance, and empathy, amongst the chaos.”

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Emelie, student

“A few years ago I got hit by a car while walking home from Spanish class. Since then I’ve been living with an acquired brain injury. One of the things that helps me accept the new me and the current situation I’m in, is yoga. Sometimes I just need to get out of my head and in to my body, to kind of forget the pain and the grief that I’m in. Other times instead, yoga helps me to step out of my body and in to my head, to deal with (and connect to) my feelings. When someone is in pain, physically or mentally, it’s sometimes hard to find the strength to do what you in fact know you need, like yoga. This is where Ida and Warrior Yoga have helped me a lot. First of all, Ida helped me realize that what happened to me and what I’m going through is a trauma and that I need healing. She helped me get back to my breathing and learned me the importance of that. She is pushing me in the right way, to get me on to the mat however I’m feeling. It’s okay to just sit there and breathe. Because yoga isn’t about sweating, building muscles and burning calories. It’s about finding yourself and your inner peace, and that’s something Ida and Warrior Yoga really has helped me with.”


Kaleigh, partner

“Our Warrior Yoga teacher taught a group of refugee high school students during the 2018 school year.  She shared with us the importance of self-care, wellness, and breathing. While students were apprehensive to participate at first, they began to express how following yoga classes they felt more calm, more focused, and more confident.  As a class, we became inspired to start implementing stretches and breathing exercises before assignments, tests, and exams. Her guidance and support taught us all to approach new challenges with grace and an open mind. Without Warrior Yoga, this experience would not have been accessible to these students. Cassie’s teaching is authentic and passionate, and she has a keen ability to adjust the practice in a way that creates a space for all students, regardless of their ability, background, or experience. Her commitment and dedication to making yoga and healing accessible to all are truly inspiring.”


-Daniel, Teacher

“The OSCISO event was an opportunity for me to connect with people that have just come to Canada and that are looking to connect with a community. I remember being like that some years back, and having the opportunity to help out was something I couldn’t say no to. The class was an amazing experience because I got to interact with kids and adults through a yoga class. The kids brought a different kind of energy to my normal yoga classes, they brought a complete different twist and they made the class into one that I’ll remember. The way that kids were interested in acting out different animals made it into a challenge, because I had to think outside the box with coming up with what the kids would enjoy. The laughter and joy that was shared through the class was amazing, and the kids, the parents, and other people in the class seemed to have a great time. I cannot wait to have another opportunity to do something similar, and share with amazing people like the people that attended the OSCISO event.”


-Olivia, teacher

“Throughout university I had this vision of me being a clinical psychologist, which later transpired into wanting to be a mental health worker, as I’ve always felt this strong desire to help others who aren’t as stable in their mental wellbeing as others. Having personal experiences with mental health has facilitated this dream of mine, because I ultimately want to help others get the best out of themselves by living their nurturing and fulfilling lives. Despite now following my path as a yoga teacher, my desire to help others has not wandered, and I arguably play the unconscious role of a therapist for some of my students already - as many teachers do. However, being a part of the Warrior Yoga network, has allowed me to really connect with my student on a much deeper and more personal level. Every session that I have done with my student, the visible effects of how much it means to her to be a Warrior Yoga student are incredible noticeable. She is so thankful and grateful for this opportunity and I can tell how much it means to her. It’s been a beautiful thing seeing her body language and mentality mould into this more nurturing and caring expression of herself and to be a small part of that is what brings me so much happiness. I couldn’t think of a better way to combine my passion of yoga, to my desire to helping others. The Warrior Yoga network is such an incredible movement and I’m so ecstatic to be involved.”⁣

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As a person who lives bearing the weight of trauma and chronic pain, Ida introduced me to a world of relief once a week in our practice. This experience effected me in two major parts: emotional processing and chronic pain management. I learned that we carry our deepest emotions in our bodies down to a cellular level, and deeply and slowly stretching out different body parts brought out some very real emotions. Our practice more often than not, came with tears, and the ability to separate myself from the emotions and thoughts and just let them be. Ida, in that way, was a spiritual coach who allowed me to take ownership of the way that I was feeling, my practice, and the understanding that I am not my thoughts and feelings, rather they are an entity that exists beyond me through my mind.

Physically, though the pain I experience on a day-to day was present during practice, immediately after our session, I felt noticeably lighter. While it is physically impossible, with my condition, to irradicate the pain completely, there are moments, like after my time on the mat, that it's put into perspective, rationalized, understood, and significantly decreased from there.

I would recommend yoga to anyone in my shoes, specifically Warrior Yoga to people who have a history with trauma. Warrior Yoga has taught me so much beyond how to move my body in a safe and successful way. I am so grateful that Cassie and Ida took me on this journey to self-discovery and that they are continuing to gift this to people who need it.



“I had a pleasant time doing yoga. I was so stressed, and overwhelmed, having a very busy life. With your guidance, I let go a lot of things and learn how to connect myself with my soul again. I became more relaxing and full of energy. I am now practicing yoga most of my time, and that going to be my new lifestyle.

Ida was a very lovely, great, and amazing teacher. She shared with me my practice and saw the transition from a very stressed to what I could say more relieved. She would always listen, give advice, ask. She also explained so many things about yoga, and teach my how to let go. I had a very great 6 sessions with Warrior Yoga. Thank so much from the deepest part of my heart for everything.”

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-Lara, Student

"I'm on a long journey of recovery from an almost life long history of mental health issues exacerbated by my recent pregnancy. I suffered severe pre- and post natal anxiety and was in a very bad way both mentally and physically for quite along time. I met Olive not long after I'd started my yoga journey about 12 months after the birth of my son. I was so thankful to be accepted on to the warrior programme and to be given the opportunity to explore a yoga practice with Olive. I respect and admire Olive greatly, she is a wise soul in a young body. Despite my being older than her I look up to her and am inspired by her knowledge and wisdom. Through the warrior programme Olive became a friend, a counsellor and a pillar of support to me. I have appreciated every bit of support given to me through the programme but I think my biggest progress has been in breath control. Prior to starting yoga I couldn't focus on my breath at all, I was having such bad panic attacks that any mention of breathing and I felt I couldn't breathe. Through working with Olive and practising yoga I can now comfortably partake in breath control exercises. I can even do alternate nostril breathing which is something I had tried previously and was to be honest quite scared of. I feel truly grateful and humbled to have become part of the warrior yoga movement. Namaste.”